Outbreak of FMD in South Korea Costs Nearly $3.4b

After the outbreak of foot and mouth diseases in South Korea, the government here has culled around 3.3 million pigs, 6.2 million herd of poultry and more than 150,000 cattle. But this fight against the worst ever outbreak of FMD has cost South Korea nearly 3 trillion won (S$3.4 billion) so far.

As stated by South Korea’s Prime Minister, Kim Hwang Sik after noticing a decrease in the number of cases, the government would now lower its disease alert to 'watch' from 'seriousness'.  

South Korea is known to have Asia’s fourth largest economy and in order to put a control over the spread of disease, since last four months it has culled almost one third of its hog population and five percent of cattle.

It has even offered several vaccinations to animals.

In this regard, Mr. Kim also said, “The government will make a routine to vaccinate cows and pigs to prevent foot-and-mouth disease outbreak”.

Since late December, South Korea has also been affected by the deadly H5N1 virus, or avian influenza. Till now 50 cases have been confirmed in six provinces and about five per cent of the country's poultry population culled so far. Among this ratio, there is no human case detected till date.