Tea is as healthy as water

Tea is as healthy as waterA study has stated that unlike many beverages, tea does not get you dehydrated and is as refreshing as plain water is.

As believed earlier that tea makes you urinate more, scientists have now stated that the case is not so and tea will not make you make frequent visits to the loo. It was also thought that tea can deprive human body of important liquids.

A study was conducted in the UK in which about 21 men were made to drink four mugs of tea that were 240 ml and it contained about 20 ml semi-skimmed milk in about 12 hours. These men did not have a high caffeine intake and they were also given the same quantity of warm boiled water.

In the Tea Advisory Panel research, with six cups of plain water or tea the test was repeated.

Dietitian Dr Carrie Ruxton said, “Six cups of tea and water offered similar hydrating properties, making tea an excellent way to maintain healthy fluid level.”

A change in the public health guidelines was what Dr Ruxton called for.

She added that the belief that body was dehydrated due to tea was not right.