Good Mood Decreases Your Memory

Good-Mood-MemoryAccording to a study, it has been revealed that good mood can fog the memories. Good mood is linked with the lack of memory; it decreases the working memory capacity.

Meanwhile, good mood brings many positive feelings with happiness.

According to Elizabeth Martin, Doctoral Student of Psychology at the University of Missouri College of Arts and Science said, "Working memory, for example, is the ability to recall items in a conversation as you are having it". The study was led by Elizabeth Martin.

This research exposed that people with positive mood performs worsen on the task, as it impacts on the working memory. Good mood decreases the ability of retaining information.

According to Missouri statement, researchers assessed the mood swings of participants after showing them videos. Some people were shown instructional video on how to install flooring, while others watched comedy show.

After watching the video, people who were shown comedy segments were in better moods, while the mood of those who viewed the flooring video remained same. Both the groups had memory test after watching the videos. The group who was in happy mood had negative impact on working storage capacity.

However, Ms. Martin said that being in a good mood is not at all bad; it helps in solving many problems.