Retinoic acid can help fight breast cancer in early stages

Retinoic acid can help fight breast cancer in early stagesA research has stated that breast cancer now has a vital weapon when the disease is in its early stages and it is a nutrient in carrots and sweet potatoes.

One can find many creams that claim to fight wrinkles that contain retinoic acid, a vitamin A derivative that makes skin gets renewed but the version is much weaker.

Cell’s growth and its survival are affected by the chemical. There have been doubts until now when it comes to the studies of its potential as a cancer therapy that have been carried out.

Cells that make breast cancer happen are reversed by this acid according to a new laboratory study. But is has also been stated that after the cancer reaches a particular stage, it gets ineffective in reversing the cells.

The findings pave way for treatment of breast cancer with this acid and various other chemicals that are suppose to have same effects.

Scientists in the US were excited to spot how this acid’s anti-cancer properties were activated by a gene.

Study leader Dr Sandra Fernandez, from Fox Chase Cancer Centre in Philadelphia, said, “We found that the RAR-beta gene was active in the two earliest stages of cancer, but silenced in the final two stages. These changes in gene activation were caused by a type of chemical modification called methylation, which involves the addition of a methyl group to DNA.”