Measure Against MRSA Developed

Measure Against MRSA DevelopedIn a joint effort by the researchers from the University of Birmingham and scientists from the Bristol University, an effective method against the life-threatening drug-resistant strains of the Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria (MRSA).

The research has successfully resulted into the development of a potent chemical that is capable of killing MRSA.

MRSA is a deadly bacterium that is responsible for many of the difficult-to-treat diseases in human beings. The worst part is that it spreads very quickly in the places like hospitals where patients with open wounds, invasive devices and weakened immune systems are at greater risk of infection.

The bosses at World Health Organization (WHO) have previously voiced their concerns that with the rising number of cases related to this type of superbug, it is becoming very difficult to find a sustainable solution against the same as there are very few medications that are capable of combating them.

The lead researcher of this research, Professor Chris Thomas stated: “This shows how mupirocin can be modified to make it more potent and suggests that related molecules could be used against the increasingly problematic Enterobacteriacae”.

The findings have given a new ray of hope with many scientists believing that the menace of MRSA can be well managed if the research is taken to a higher level.