Playing Videogames Might Help With Motor Recovery in Stroke Patients

Playing Videogames Might Help With Motor Recovery in Stroke PatientsRecently, a study was conducted by Dr. Gustavo Saposnik in which he found that playing video games could be used as an effective tool in improving the motor skills of a patient recovering from a stroke.

This study was published in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association and it suggested that people, who were recovering from a stroke and played videogames like Wii and the Playstation, were five times more likely to register an improvement in their arm motor function as compared to patients receiving standard therapies.

The study highlighted that around 55% to 75% people opted for the conventional physiotherapy and occupational therapy after suffering from motor problems in their arms but all these methods brought modest and sometimes delayed effects.

All these findings could be possible only after the scientists at the University of Edinburgh discovered a key protein which helped in developing better understanding of stroke and experts believe that this new knowledge could be used in development of new treatments for this malignant condition.

Sharing more information about the study, Saposnik said, “Our study confirms the potential benefit of virtual reality in stroke rehabilitation identified in small studies. Further larger randomized trials are needed before changing practice. However, we are going in the right direction”.