Charity doesn’t interest half of Scotland’s population

ScotlandIt has been stated that in Scotland, one out of three people are not interested in helping charities through volunteering or fundraising.

There is a pressure that is growing on the charity sector and people who contribute to this sector are the ones who are being resorted to every time, according to Support and research charity Parkinson's UK.

The Parkinson's awareness week is about to begin and people are being urged to offer their services to raise money for people who suffer from this disease.

About 2000 people in the UK were asked by an independent research about their role in fundraising and they said that about 50 per cent Scots said that they never participated in it and never have volunteered was stated by about
64 per cent of Scots.

It was stated that information source was something that one out of five people lacked.

Satisfaction and a sense personal achievement was something that people experienced by volunteering in charity fundraising, according to the charity.

Charity chief executive Steve Ford said, “As part of this year's Parkinson's awareness week, we're asking even more people to join us in making sure that no one has to face Parkinson's alone.”