Cancer breath test can be a reality

breath-testA preliminary study has stated that sniffing out cancer with the help of a breath test is soon going to happen.

People who were suffering from head, neck and lung cancer were the ones on which an ‘electronic nose’ was used to figure out chemical signals of cancer in the breath.

It is not clear how many years will be taken by the breath test for getting used in a clinic, according to a cancer charity.

The research was conducted by Israel researchers and in the study about 80 volunteers took part.

Out of all the 80 participants, 36 were healthy people, 22 had various head-and-neck cancers and lung cancer was suffered by about 24 people.

Markers of cancer that are present in the breath are spotted by the prototype breath test with the help of a chemical method.

Instant diagnosis being done in a GP’s surgery is what everyone is hoping about through this test soon.

Nano artificial nose is the device on which researchers at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology - are working on.

Lead researcher, Professor Hossam Haick, said, “There's an urgent need to develop new ways to detect head-and-neck cancer because diagnosis of the disease is complicated, requiring specialist examinations.”