70% of Women are Unaware of Heart Diseases: Study

70% of Women are Unaware of Heart Diseases: StudyAccording to a study conducted by the Heart Foundation, it was disclosed that women are more ignorant about the heart disease, though they are less likely to survive a heart attack than man.

Almost 1763 women were surveyed for the condition and nearly 70% of them were found unaware that more Australian women die from heart attacks in comparison to the man.

The Chief Executive of NSW Foundation, Tony Thirlwell said that many people believe that heart disease is the leading killer of man, but it is just a myth and same amount of women die every year from heart attacks. The study which was conducted in last year revealed that a very few percentage of women know about the risks of heart attack.

In order to prevent heart diseases, people should not smoke and drink, if they drink then then shouldn’t do it in excess. Exercising is very important, if not daily then at least three or four times per week to keep the heart and blood vessels toned.

Mr. Tony said that the study has been conducted for the awareness of women, so that they pay more attention towards their health.

Experts said that women should not ignore the symptoms and should get themselves checked.