A Reason to Be Happy

A Reason to Be HappyThe gene responsible for the happiness of a person has been located by the scientists. This gene is actually the one that is responsible for the development of Serotonin in the brain. The discovery was made by the team of scientists in the London School of Economics. The results of the study have been given out in the Journal of Human Genetics.

The gene actually manipulates the happiness of a person. There is a direct link in the happiness of a person and this gene. The gene is called 5-HTT. This is the one which has genetic codes attached to it that affect the serotonin transporters in the cells of the body. The genealogy of a body is a very complex process and it may be short term or long term. The genes of an individual are inherited from the parents.

The research was based upon a set of questions with various options to the participants. There was a strong connection found in the functioning of this gene with the happiness of a person. This tends to explain the reason why some people are naturally happier than others.

"It has long been suspected that this gene plays a role in mental health but this is the first study to show that it is instrumental in shaping our individual happiness levels”, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve said.