Grooverider shares his experience at the Dubai jail

Grooverider shares his experience at the Dubai jailUnder the crime of holding possession to 2.16 grams of cannabis at Dubai airport in November 2007, the BBC Radio 1 drum'n'bass DJ, Grooverider, was held behind bars for quite sometime, and now the man shares his experience at the jail. Though he was supposed to stay behind bars for four years, he was released quite early, in the month of august this year.

“They don't have toilets; they have holes in the ground. There's eight people to a cell and they do treat you alright don't get me wrong but it's just horrible seeing so many people come in for nothing,” said Grooverider.

The man said that staying in detention was not that tough but staying away from family was really something which he could not bear. He said, “It was the worst part, missing my girl grow up for the last year. I talked to her at Christmas and she was in floods of tears and that wasn't the easiest thing to deal with. I didn't even recognize her because she'd grown a foot.”