Less exercise may lead to heart disease in 9 year old kids

Less exercise may lead to heart disease in 9 year old kids Physical inactivity can lead to a risk of developing heart problems even in kids who are just nine years old and this can happen in healthy children also.

For about four days, about 223 children who were on an average 9.8 years old were assessed for their level of physical activity by researchers from Sweden and Denmark.

As compared to kids who had a good level of physical activity, children who did not indulge in physical activity had a higher composite risk factor score for cardiovascular disease, CVD. This means that physical activity can lower down this risk factor.

Lead author Tina Tanha from the Department of Clinical Sciences at Skane University Hospital in Malmo, Sweden, said, “It is well known that physical inactivity in adults is associated with a wide range of diseases and all causes of death. We believe that our study now demonstrates a clear clinical association between physical inactivity and multiple CVD risk factors in children.”

It clearly shows that parents must take a keen interest in making their kids go out for physical activity to keep the risk of developing heart problems low.