Newly Launched Address System in Dubai inspected by RTA

Newly Launched Address System in Dubai inspected by RTAThe officials of Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), on Thursday examined the areas falling under the experimental phase of the recently launched address system in Dubai.

In order to see the progress of the experiment, Maitha bin Adai, Chief Executive Officer of Traffic and Roads Agency visited areas in Jumeirah 3 and Shaikh Zayed Road.

She reported, “The new system is clear, concise, simple and easy as it is based on building numbers and names of road and sectors displayed on directional boards, instead of district names used in the old system.”

The advantage of this system would be that postal could be added at later stage.

Maitha added, “Motorists are required to acquaint themselves with several aspects associated with the directional boards, such as the background colour, destination of each route, signs displayed and exit number system.”