Almost 70% of Teenage Girls Reported to be Iodine Deficient

Almost 70% of Teenage Girls Reported to be Iodine DeficientAccording to reports, a research by the British Thyroid Association UK Iodine Group, has revealed that two-third of teenage girls were iodine deficient.

The experts stated that girls, who were concerned about their weight, had the idea that milk is fattening, which may have added to the deficiency in UK. They also asked for salt to be iodized in Australia and New Zealand, to reduce the condition.

The experts were reported to have measured iodine levels in over 800 school girls, who were 14 to 15-years-old, in nine cities in the UK along with Cardiff.

It was discovered that an average of 70% of girls were iodine deficient in Cardiff, while around 12% of the Cardiff schoolgirls were having “a moderate to severe iodine deficiency”.

Also, the study highlighted the urgent need for a detail insight of UK‘s iodine status and the implementation of proven recommendations for iodine supplementation.

Chris Cashin, a Cardiff dietician and Spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association, has stated, “One of the big sources of iodine is milk, milk products and the other is fish”.

Iodine is said to play a major part in thyroid function and deficiency is connected to problems during pregnancy, such as spontaneous abortion. Though it may not be an issue for a teenage girl at the moment, as they get older it could present a problem.