'Pioneering' Therapy for Treating Asthma

AsthmaRecently, in one of the UK hospitals, a pioneering procedure for improving the symptoms of Asthma patients has been introduced. This procedure is known as the bronchial thermoplasty procedure and it was first carried out at the University Hospital of South Manchester.

For the first time, it was a middle-aged mother from Manchester who was applied with this treatment. While carrying this therapy, the muscles that block the airway are melted with the help of heat.

Actually, the patient will be made asleep first and then a bronchoscope carrying tiny wires with probes, that emit radio waves and generate heat, will be threaded through the nose or throat, and then direct into the lungs. Then protecting the surrounding muscles, those blocking muscles will be heated to 149F (65C).

Clinical trials of the treatment have been already carried out all over the world; these include Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Birmingham, Leicester and London.

According to the experts, this procedure is not only safe but also suitable for patients with any kind of asthma: moderate or severe.

In this regard, Professor Ian Pavord, Consultant Physician at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester and Asthma UK Chief Medical Adviser, said, "In some people with severe asthma, the symptoms of their asthma have been improved and the risk of them having an asthma attack has been reduced, so it is encouraging to see that the technique has now been carried out outside of clinical trials”.