Govt.’s Urge: Review Pesticide Laws

New pesticide laws can soon come in to effect as many doctors, scientists and environmentalists are calling on the Federal Government to overhaul the country's pesticide laws as according to them 80 pesticides, which are registered for use in Australia and are being legally under the use have been banned in Europe for health and safety reasons.

Replying to which, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority said that the action is legal as Australia has one of the most tightly regulated pesticide environments in the world.

According to the Jennifer Macey reports, Approx 8,000+ pesticides are today registered in Australia to make efficient use of same in farming, forestry, in council parks and in the home, but the new alliance of doctors, consumer advocates and environment groups have confirmed that 80 out of the 8,000 pesticides though are banned in Europe but are being utilized in Australia.

To resolve the issue, WWF Australia along with the consumer group Choice, the Public Health Association and the National Toxics Network have urged the Federal Government to overhaul the pesticides laws and release their decision regarding the issue.

Report in context to same is expected back by the middle of this year.