Heavy Drink among Kids Linked to Parents Drinking Behavior

Heavy DrinkA survey has revealed that teenagers get motivated from their parents to get drunk. As per the study youths are twice as likely to have been drunk several times if they have seen their parents drunk. It has also been told that parents who are lenient with their kids tend to spoil them as they allow them to live an undisciplined life.

The survey was conducted over 5,700 schoolchildren. During the survey it was found that one in four children of 13-14 years old have got drunk more than once as compared to just over half of children of 15-16 years old.

It has been revealed that peer pressure in children plays a significant role in encouraging them for indulging into binge drinking. It is believed that if children spend more than two nights socializing then there are chances of them drinking heavily.

The survey was conducted by Claire Turner, from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Claire Turner said that the parents can play vital role in molding the behavior. Don Shenker, of Alcohol Concern said, "Allowing children to drink unsupervised can increase the risk of them being drunk and this can be harmful".