Funding Disputes Leads to Closure of TB Clinics

TB ClinicsAustralia for now is amidst bad times with the problem cropping up every now and then that concerns health issues. Earlier it had been in news for imposing the ban on synthetic cannabis that caused serious health problems to South Australians and now there is another problem that Australia confronts.

A funding dispute between Australia and Queensland is now all set to be the major cause for the closure of tuberculosis clinics in the Torres Strait which will further leave the lives of victims, including children under immense risk.

The Commonwealth which has constantly been paying the Queensland state government for the treatment of PNG nationals for more than a decade now has for now reduced the funding for the noble cause suddenly, which has lead to close down the tuberculosis clinics at the end of June.

State Health Minister Geoff Wilson says, though he entirely wants the tuberculosis clinics not to close down and continue to serve the PNG nationals but at the same time he says it is utterly the responsibility of Commonwealth and it must think in terms to increase the funding so that clinics in the state may not close down leaving the lives of victims under immense risk.