Honeybees Suffering from a Contagious Disease in Scotland

Honeybees Suffering from a Contagious Disease in ScotlandThere is a highly contagious disease that is infecting honeybees at a Pertshire apiary. The bees have been infected with American Foulbrood. Though there is no risk to the public and honey is not affected, stated Scottish government inspectors.

Inspectors will be examining apiaries over the next coming days to see where else bees are being infected.

Beekeepers are encouraged to check their hive and contact the inspectors if they suspect their hives to be infected with the disease.

The hives that have been infected have now been destroyed as well as equipment to use for the hives has been removed.

There was a previous outbreak of American Foulbrood in Scotland 3 years ago in 2009 and 2010. There were 3 apiaries in Perthsire affected in 2009 and an infection in west Lothinan last summer. The trouble with this disease is that it is highly contagious and bees can easily become infected. It is also difficult to eradicate. Tests done by the Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA) discovered the infection. They immediately had to warn beekeepers to monitor their bee hives until inspectors came by to do further testing.