Doctor Disappears After Angrily Confronting David Cameron

Doctor Disappears After Angrily Confronting David CameronAn irate doctor who angrily confronted Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to a hospital has all of sudden disappeared from the hospital. It has been told by the NHS trust, which employee doctors, that Dr. David Nunn has gone on leave but it is not certain whether or not the leave is for permanent. In the mean time, Dr. Nunn’s patients will be monitored by his colleagues.

Dr. Nunn has served the Guy’s Hospital since 1990. He has consultancy roles at a number of different hospitals including the London Clinic, Blackheath Hospital and London Bridge Private Hospital. It has been told that last night, he was running an evening clinic advising patients seeking hip and knee replacements, and next day, he suddenly without any prior notification went on leave.

This sounds a little bizarre. Although nobody is suspicious about his sudden disappearance but it is believed that his absence is in some way linked with his bold and irritant behavior during the Prime Minister’s Visit.

Dr. Nunn has a previous record of attacking media. This year, he wrote a letter to a newspaper in which he mentioned that the NHS managers are making useless decision of employing unqualified doctors. In yet another letter, he wrote that NHS spent large amount upon recruiting policy makers who never interact with the patients and play no significant role.