Scientists Reveal Method Regarding Better Response to Chemotherapy

Scientists at the University of California Davis Cancer Center have revealed a method that will enhance better response to chemotherapy, as they are reported to have increased the production of a microRNA found in bladder cancer cell lines and encoded for, by the gene miR-34a.

This method led to the elimination of more of the cells by cisplatin, which is a ‘standard chemotherapy drug used to combat many different types of cancer’.

Also, childhood cancer survivors are reported to have higher risk of developing further tumors in the future, according to the research carried out by the Childhood Cancer Survivor.

However, the St Jude Children's Research Hospital team discovered that 9.6% of childhood cancer survivors, developed new tumors, that were not linked to their initial cancer.

Ralph Devere White, from the centre, said: "If we can prove what is causing chemotherapy resistance in patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer, American ingenuity will come up with ways to overcome it".

Moreover, private health care facilities may suddenly commence the use of the new method of fighting bladder cancer, as boosting the production of microRNA enhanced the ability of the chemotherapy drug cisplatin to eliminate cancerous cells and reduce tumors.