Children Sent to Foster Care With the Fear of Accent Difference

The aunt of two children was denied the adoption, as the social workers feared that difference in accent might turn up difficult for children to adapt to Yorkshire culture.

The children were kept in a care in Hampshire, 200 miles away from the aunt. The aunt was informed that it would be difficult for the children to adapt to a change in region and culture and their accent could leave them secluded from the society.

The woman has now launched a complaint in Kirklees district of West Yorkshire, as she wants to adopt the two siblings. She said, "They had a tough time at home and I put myself forward as a carer. I work. I have a loving family close by. I thought we could show them a real family life".

When the siblings were put into the foster care she made her mind to go to the court and claimed to be given the children’s guardianship. She said that at this upsetting phase the children need to stay with their relatives.

Nigel Priestley, while examining the case said that putting the children into foster care on the basis of accent difference is the worst decision she has ever heard. She said that this decision by social services was very weird.