All Saints Church to Be Shut Down

All Saints Church to Be Shut DownThe All Saints Church in Maerdy, Rhondda, built in 1885, is about to be closed down. It has been told that the church was built to commemorate a mining disaster which took lives of 81 people. As the church was running out of funds and it needed reconstruction, it was decided to close down the church.

But the protestants were determined to keep the church running and said that they would raise funds by a campaign. The parishioners have also said that beside the funds they will also pay their quota to the church.

Kieron Montague, 27, of Blake Street, Maerdy, said that they are seeking a chance to save the building from perishing. He said, “All we are saying is let us have it for a year. We’ll continue to pay the upkeep and we’ll find funds to start working on the repairs”.

Maerdy Councilor Gerwyn Evans, who is also protesting as a parishioner, said that meetings were held to rescue the church which was attended by the community. It has come to light that there is a memorial garden alongside the church. Therefore, if the church is shut down then it will bring shame to the community. Moreover, it has been unveiled that the Church in Wales in planning to put the building for sale after the closure.