Californian Researchers Caution about Binge Drinking in Teen Girls

Californian Researchers Caution about Binge Drinking in Teen GirlsBinge drinking for females is reported to have severe effects on their health, as per Californian researchers. In the recent study, it was revealed that female girls consuming over three pints of beer or more than four glasses of wine in a single sitting are more likely to get affected with normal brain functioning, hence aggravating concerns for memory and vision.

For the study, the team of Californian researchers roped in 27 binge-drinking males and 13 females, and passes them through neurophsychological tests and "spatial working memory" tests. The same was done on 31 males and
24 females who were not frequent drinkers. After comparing their MRI scans, the team found that female binge drinkers had paltry brain activation in several brain regions as compared by other teens.

There is no second opinion that excessive drinking stimulates a series of health concerns, including hassles in doing daily chores while making teen girls more prone to accidents.

Before this study, many researches were done on the same underlying theory which now substantiate that women on an average are more likely to bear the dire consequences of binge drinking than their counterparts.

Confirming the news, Susan Tapert, Professor of psychiatry at the University of California and lead study author, claimed, “Male binge drinkers showed some, but less, abnormality as compared to male non-drinkers. This suggests that female teens may be particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of heavy alcohol use”.