Differences in Preference of Men Among Women, Claims International Study

A recent survey revealed that young women prefer influential and wealthy men whereas older women preferred men who were responsive and trustworthy. The survey emphasizes the difference in desires among women of different generation.

The survey on 9,000 women between the age limits of 16 to 75 revealed that young women desired for men who held material possessions and could fulfill their expensive demands, out of which 30% women preferred men who were career oriented and desired for higher positions in the professional world.

On the other hand, a study commenced by parenting site Netmums and Saga magazine revealed that more than 50% of the older women desired for a man who was capable of taking care of their emotional desires.

As per Sibhoan Freegard of Netmums, “It's interesting to see what each generation of women looks for in a man. Younger women really seem to want it all – looks, money, ambition and honesty – whilst older women value the more traditional traits such as kindness humor and reliability”.

There were some factors that none of the women wanted to go missing in men, that is the sexual bonding. All women unanimously supported the importance of existence of this factor among men; in fact women in their age of 70s were seen to be more demanding than the women in their 40s.