Tony Ryall Announces $37 Million for New ESC in North Shore Hospital

Tony Ryall Announces $37 Million for New ESC in North Shore HospitalIn a bid to deliver a more efficient, patient-focused service centre in New Zealand, Health Minister Tony Ryall has extended a financial leeway of $37 million to build a state-of-the-art Elective Surgery Centre at North Shore Hospital.

Confirming the news, the health minister is of the opinion that the Elective Surgery Centre (ESC) will play a vital role in reducing waiting times for non-emergency surgery.

"This increase in efficiency is based on new workforce arrangements, the streamlining of pre and post surgical visits and will provide patients with an appointment for surgery at the time of their consultation”, said Mr. Ryall.

Having 40 beds, four operating theatres and staffed by a team of 80 clinicians, the new centre is expected to get completed in 2012. As a specialist elective surgery centre, it will address general health concerns, which would help giving medical attention to emergency cases.

It has been informed that the centre will render wide range of services and would undertake nearly 6,000 operations per year, approximately 25% being additional operations.

It’s being believed that soon a 50 - bed Assessment and Diagnostic Unit and new emergency department will be completed in October, thereby ensuring that continued improvement in the regional health services is among the key priorities for New Zealand.