Spirituality Ends Life Uncertainties

According to reports, David Rosmarin, Assistant professor of psychology at the Harvard-associated with the McLean Hospital, recently accounted that faith in God was the key tool, which guarded human being from their life fears.

The whole issue came into lime light when his study specially emphasized the religious patients and then incorporate their beliefs with their mode of treatment.

He also accounted that the field of psychiatry, the spiritual encouragements was the most important thing, as these encouragements, surely helped them to make an early recover. The Journal of Clinical Psychology reports, made the study public.

In the meantime, he also revealed that in recent time, all the mental health providers rarely give any consideration to this fact.

Meanwhile, after tracking almost 332 Christians and Jews, he concluded that as compared to atheist, those who trusted in God were found to have lower intensity of becoming anxious and also had more tolerance levels.

Meanwhile, the study authors added, "We found that the positive beliefs of trust in God were associated with less worry and that this relationship was partially mediated by lower levels of intolerance of uncertainty. Conversely, the negative beliefs of mistrust in God correlated with higher worry and intolerance”.