Scotland Struggles with Epidemic of Hepatitis C

Scotland Struggles with Epidemic of Hepatitis CIn the wake of rising incidence rate of hepatitis C, warning signals have been sent in the community of Scotland. Even reports have confirmed 39,000 cases of hepatitis C, with 1,600 new cases being diagnosed each year. The most shocking part is that a large number of people are not even aware whether they are carrying the infection or not.

Deciphering the current dithering situation in Scotland, Dr. Roy Robertson, Chairman of the National Forum on Drug-Related Deaths, has voiced grave concern over “epidemic" of hepatitis C.

If experts are to be believed, the annual mortality rate of hepatitis C could increase to 200 by 2015 if swift action is not being taken.

In case of Scotland, it’s being claimed that a large number of infections have been picked up through drug use and sharing needles while others have picked up hepatitis C through blood transfusions before testing for the virus started.

“Eventually the incubation period elapses and people begin to manifest cirrhosis and advanced liver failure and the death rate will undoubtedly increase over the next few years", Dr. Robertson said.

As hepatitis C has been recognized as a major public health issue by the Scottish Government itself, it’s being appealed that treatment services need to be escalated from its current level to combat the crisis.