Single cards for UAE residents in 2010

From July 2010, the applications for residency permits, labor cards and national IDs would be converted into a single card for UAE residents, which will save them from too much paperwork.

UAE has witnessed foreign workers outnumber local citizens due to better job opportunities. New reseidents are required to prepare huge number of documents as they settle in their jobs and homes.

Ali al-Khouri, acting director of the Emirates Identity Authority said, "There are too many hurdles for people to go through when they come and settle in the country."

The agency of Khouri is working with the ministries of interior and labour in and effort to align the process of issuing residence and work visas along with national IDs.

Khouri expressed, "Each of these requires separate application forms… So you have to fill three forms and three different payments. That's too much."

As per the government, with this new process a proper database of people in the country could be kept.