Slow Eating Can Help Lose Weight, Says Research

Slow Eating Can Help Lose Weight, Says ResearchThere are many advantages of eating slowly such as it helps in digesting the food better, it tastes good etc. But recently, researchers from Otago University have added one more benefit to the same list.

Researchers have recently concluded that slowly eating habits helps women not to gain weight especially in middle-aged women. The above results have been confirmed by the researchers after studying eating habits and change in body weights of approximately 1500 women.

Though more research is still ongoing, results suggest that eating slowly can help women maintain their body weights apart from diet and exercise, which are known to be the biggest weapons to fight flab.

Many women complaint that despite trying hard, they are not able to control their increasing weight or keeping their weight down is their biggest battle.

Undoubtedly, speeding up the metabolism or exercising hard to burn the calories in the body helps a person to lose weight, but thanks to researchers, who have introduced a new and a comparatively much easier way to fight this battle.

So try slowing yourself down while eating, and see what changes you notice in your body and body weight.