Tumors effectively cured with crocus drug

Tumors effectively cured with crocus drug A research has stated that in a single treatment tumors will be wiped out by a drug derived from plant extracts and this will be done with almost no side-effects.

Tumors will now be targeted by a chemical that is seen in crocuses and scientists are calling it a `smart bomb' now.

Side-effects will be massively reduced as no harm will be caused to healthy tissue.

There are other drugs also that do not cause any side-effect but they target only one disease. This will however be able to target more than one type of the disease, including breast, prostate, lung and bowel cancer.

To drugs made using this technique, all solid tumors could be vulnerable and this simply means that except blood cancer, this can be used against all cancers.

After a single dose, about 50 per cent of tumors were wiped off completely in some tests of the drug.

There has been a trial only on mice so far of the drug, based on colchicine, an extract from the autumn crocus and is still at very initial stages.

When it comes to humans, the University of Bradford researchers are very positive about an outcome.

Professor Laurence Patterson said, "What we have designed is effectively a "smart bomb" that can be triggered directly at any solid tumor without appearing to harm healthy tissue."