Twins joined at head get separated

TwinsBritish doctors have been able to separate twin girls who were born joined at the head, achieving yet another milestone.

The chances of surviving in this situation are barely one in 10 million and Rital and Ritag Gaboura, who are 11 months old, were able to survive.

The operations took place at the London’s Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and they were about four surgeries that took place to separate them.

Their parents Abdelmajeed Gaboura, 31, and, Enas, 27, who are both doctors, had bought their daughters to Britain after they were born in Khartoum, Sudan.

Ritag’s heart was on a decline when they reached the hospital.

The first tow operations had taken place in May and it was in August when the final separation surgery had taken place.

The operations were funded by children’s charity Facing the World for help.

A team that was led by David Dunaway carried out the procedures as the twins suffered from the rare condition of craniopagus.

A statement from Facing the World said, “Within days the twins were back on the general ward interacting and playing as before.

Joined together: The twins were born with their heads fused, a rare condition that only one in 10million survive”