People eat what they see first

Researchers from the Cornell University have carried out a research which states that a majority of people tend to eat the first thing they see in their refrigerators.

A study was conducted in which about 200 participants had taken part. Of the first 100 people, pictures of the refrigerators were taken and for the other 100 people, the items were rearranged.

As compared to the fifth item, people ate what came into their sight first as stated by the researchers and the chances of doing so were three times more.

Lead researcher Professor Brian Wansink said, “We found a really strong tendency towards the food which is visible. If you put your least healthy food at the front of the cupboard or refrigerator, that's the one you are most likely to eat. You are much less likely to eat the fifth or tenth item you see when you come home tired from work.”

This also means that if you plan to trim down then think about what you keep in your fridge.

Chances of consuming vegetables and fruits were more if they were kept in front of the fridge.