Sharing Bed Could Lead To Death of Baby?

Sharing Bed Could Lead To Death of Baby?An investigation held over the sudden death cases of infants taking place in Australia has showed that sharing bed with adults could have led to their death. Following the findings of the investigation, parents have been warned that they should not make their infants share bed with adults.

The investigation was held by John Olle, a coroner. It has been informed that the number of sudden death cases of infants have increased from 2008 to 2010. In 2008, there were just seven cases of sudden death in the country which in 2010 reached to 15.

A deep study over the five death cases will be conducted to know as to what went wrong when the babies shared bed with adults. When a baby is born, parents are not advised to make separate bedding for their kids, however, they should understand that by sleeping with the infants, it may cause discomfort to the delicate creature.

According to the SIDS and Kids formal guidance, sleeping with infants can be complex and therefore it is required to maintain a proper care of the baby while sleeping. There could be a number of reasons behind an infant succumbing to death which will be uncovered shortly.