Reason for Peculiar Behavior in Autistic Children Revealed

Autistic-ChildrenRecent research has apparently won over the reasons for autism in humans. The study to discover and depict the reasons was based on a mice lab experiment. It is expected that the revelation would throw light on the physiological reasons for autism and would help in treatment.

Researchers had a hypothesis that absence of chromosome 16 leads to autism in humans and therefore, they behave strangely like repetition of activities, irritation towards certain lights, sounds and things, and feeling discomfort in social gatherings.

To confirm whether chromosome 16 was the reason, US researchers deleted the said chromosome in mice, which after deletion, showed some peculiar traits that were similar to other autism in humans like disturbed sleep, and difficulty in adjusting with new place and people. It was also found that altered mice started dying earlier in comparison to normal mouse, which did not showed strange behavior. This confirmed the role of chromosome 16 in the human body. When brain activities of altered mice were checked, it was recognizable which part of the brain has been altered.

Discovery is thought to bring some prospective change in the present number which is rapidly piling up worries for US health authorities.