Soon, a Pill to Fight Emotional Trauma

Soon, a Pill to Fight Emotional TraumaLiving with a shattered dream or a broken heart is as difficult as living without any hope of happiness. Life is often regarded as a long journey and in this journey we come across many such obstacles which affect our life and happiness. But soon, people fighting to overcome a terrible experience of life will find it easy to live in solace as scientists have found a pill which could help people in regain their life's happiness.

The pill is said to have been developed after closely monitoring as to how the nerve cells get affected in the saddening moments of our life. During the examination of nerve cells, the Leicester University researchers found a protein, lipocalin-2 t, which is produced by the brain in acute stress.

This protein produced by the brain protects it from the long-term side-effects of emotional breakdown. The researchers are now planning to create the protein in the form of pills. The researchers are hopeful that within ten years they will be able to produce a drug which would help people in overcoming the emotional trauma. It is also hoped that the drug would bring revolution in the way depression is treated.