Fishing Resumes in Gladstone Harbor

Gladstone-HarborGladstone harbor, after three weeks of fishing ban, is again seeing fishermen for their daily business. The fishermen are now back at the harbor but still, fishery officials have advised them to be cautious following concerns regarding the quality of water and the health of fishes in the region.

Three weeks earlier on Sept. 16, fishery ministry imposed a ban on all the fishing activities in the central Queensland harbor after noticing sick fish with skin lesions and cloudy eyes. Also, the people in the region were advised to cut fish from their menus for some days to stay healthy and far from any effects.

The ban followed reports of experts that fish in the region got sickened by a parasite and red spot disease. Moreover, some fishermen also blamed that water in the harbor had caused some problems.

But recently, the ban has been waved off after announcements of Fisheries Minister Mr. Craig Wallace. The official cleared in his statement that after running some tests, professionals have confirmed the safety of water for commercial and recreational fishing and thus they have recommended resuming the working on the harbor from the ban.

"We are lifting the closure following test results which confirm the cause of the symptoms in the affected fish are red spot disease and a parasite endemic in Queensland", Mr. Wallace said in a statement.