Mental Health Debate Continues

Mental-HealthWith aim of improving the prevailing mental health facilities, Isobel Redmond, South Australian Opposition Leader recently declared that he has requested the regions authorities to continue the discussion about improving the surrounding mental health issue as according to him, currently the mental health issue certainly has became the spotlight.

All these reports came into limelight after opposition leader commenced the mental health awareness week this Friday, and she further announced that the alertness meeting has been specially organized with a goal of condensing the disgrace and favoritism attached with the mental sickness.

Giving some details about the issue, she asserted that since decades, mental health was not given the importance and as result of which, such an important issue was forced to become a forbidden subject in society but this time with these awareness camps she strongly believed that from now on, all the citizens from both the metropolitan and regional areas would surely support these patients.

She added, "Considering that one in five people will suffer from a mental health illness in Australia in the next 12 months, it is important that mental health awareness, and an open discussion about it, continues”.