Dr. Shepherd is No More

Dr. Shepherd is No MoreIn a recent report it has been revealed that Dr. John Shepherd, the physician from Belfast, has passed away. He has been involved in making many important studies that have led to the treatment of problems like high blood pressure and so on. He was also a part of the study to bear the pressures of space travel.

He was 92 years old and was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. He breathed his last at a clinic in Minnesota, United States. He used to work here since the year 1957, when he emigrated from Northern Ireland.

He was a man of great knowledge and substance and his death is a great loss to science and technology.

"John Shepherd was a giant in cardiovascular physiology who built the academic medical centre at Mayo Clinic", said Dr. Michael Joyner, his colleague.

He further added that Dr. Shepherd had made important observations about the function of nerves in controlling the blood pressure. His studies have been a major part of the development for the treatment of hypertension. His work was of great utility to the world of science and technology and he shall always be remembered for his enormous contribution towards the same.