Researchers Working Hard to find Solution To Superbug Toxin

Researchers Working Hard to find Solution To Superbug ToxinThe Roslin Institute researchers are quite busy in finding the ways to control the toxin that is released from the super bugs, MRSA.

The toxin is SE1X, which is released from all parts of the bacterium, and once the person gets infected with infection, the poison starts spreading in to the immune system of the body, and damages all the healthy cells. Probable symptoms of the infection are fever, fits, lung infection, and vomiting. This kind of infection is common in hospitals.

Researcher, Dr. Ross Fitzgerald was of the view that they are trying hard to find the ways by which they could control the spread of toxin, and once they found the way they would be able to control the infections, and overall reaction to immune system.

Though hospitals staff has witnessed a meager decline, there is need to put the figures down to a minimal number, said Ross. Giving information about the infection causing bacteria, Ross said that Staphylococcus aureus bacterium, MRSA and all other poison causing Bactria belongs to superantigens family.

The research that got published in the Journal Plos Pathogens has been funded by four organizations, named as the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council; the National Institutes of Health USA, the US Department of Agriculture and Pfizer Animal Health.

If the body's own immune attacks the toxin then the doctors would be able to control the infection, and they are working hard to come across that solution, which could reduce the hospital admissions.