Woman Rescued After Months of Waiting

Woman Rescued After Months of WaitingIt has been reported that a woman who has been waiting to get evacuated on the health grounds has finally been rescued with the help of cargo plane. The woman, Renee-Nicole Douceur, had been reported of suffering from brain tumor which in the last few months have aggravated and has caused her partial blindness.

Renee-Nicole Douceur is a resident of Coastal Town, Seabrook which has only 9,000 residents. She has worked for Raytheon Polar Services Co as a Manager. In the month of August, she faced brain stroke. Her doctors asked her to get it treated in the New Zealand.

Although her health condition was acute, the rescue team could come to evacuate her because of bad weather. However, the team today reached Antarctica base, United Kingdom’s Rothera Base from where the rescue team will be evacuating her.

It has been informed that because of the delay in evacuation, she has turned partially blind. She finds it difficult to read. Moreover, her grasping power has also been affected. Delay in evacuation has occurred prior as well which led to the death of a breast cancer patient in 2009.

On being contacted, Renee-Nicole Douceur expressed her concerns over evacuation procedure and said that efforts should be made in giving priority to the health of the patients as any delay could even cause death to a person. She is hopeful that her tumor will get treated soon.