Smoking Leads To Early Menopause

Smoking Leads To Early MenopauseSmoking is injurious to health, and is especially harmful for women, as it makes them witness pre-onset of menopause, and also increases risk of heart attack and other bone related cancer.

University of Hong Kong stated that they have assessed number of previous studies taken out in the United States, Poland, Turkey and Iran, and then they have reached to above conclusion.

Almost 6000 women were enrolled in different studies, and it was found that those, who were avid smokers witnessed menopause at an early age in comparison to those who do not smoke. On an average a woman gets menopause, at the age of 46 and 51, but if she smokes, she could witness it by the time she reaches 43. Same thing was found in the study as well.

The research that got published in the' journal Menopause' has an article written by the study's lead researcher, Volodymyr Dvornyk, who said, 'Our results give further evidence that smoking is significantly associated with earlier
(age at menopause) and provide yet another justification for women to avoid this habit'.

Dvornyk affirmed that to be full sure, he and team analyzed another five studies, in which 43,000 women were enrolled, and it was found that those who smoke have 43% of increased chances to witness premature menopause. Early menopause could bring other lot of health problems for women, like cancer, therefore, Dvornyk suggested that women should refrain from smoking or smoke in limit.