Ban of Nearly 600,000 Modded XBox 360 Consoles Affects XBox Live

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has already bagged the honor of being the most successful and highest selling video game, which has broken all release day sales records. Another record which it was aiming at with the launch was to offer the game to over 2 million Xbox Live users, to enable them to enter multiplayer matches. But the grand launch seemed to have been limited by Microsoft's decision to ban modded Xbox 360s.

An estimated 600,000 Xbox 360 owners, whose consoles were modded, were banned from Xbox Live, stripping the newly launched game of a huge number of players, as well as limiting sales on the service which accounts for a significant revenue stream for the company itself.

The adverse effects of the ban are probably best represented by Leaderboard scores of one of XBox Live's most interesting and popular games, Trials HD. A week before the release of Modern Warfare 2, and right before the ban on modded consoles was imposed; the Leaderboards were set at 15,000. But within a week of the ban, the figure dropped to a mere 9000.

Similar drops have also been noticed in games like South Park, Zombie Apocalypse and Tower Bloxx Deluxe, as has been confirmed by data analyzed by Ryan Langley, GamerBytes editor.

Despite the affected sales, and a possible drop in revenue, Microsoft is standing firm on its grounds and has said that the company is well within its rights to ban Xbox 360 consoles which have been tampered with.