Seven Steps to Make You Live Longer

Seven Steps to Make You Live LongerOur body does not demand many things from us, except a few like keeping optimum body weight, having healthy lifestyle and eating balanced diet, which is rich in nutrients, said leading heart doctor Clyde Yancy.

For Yancy, who is a Canadian cardiologist at the Northwestern University in Chicago, there are seven easy steps by which one could add more years to his life, may be 10 years or more. He is so confident about his seven steps that he affirmed that if people would follow his advice, they could live up to 90 years and even 100 years as well.

Obesity is one of the greatest enemies of life, and as per the NHS trust record, maximum people who suffer from Type- 2 diabetes or witness cardiac arrest are overweight. Britain has become the hub of obese people and if Yancy's seven magical steps would be followed, the NHS would be able to save its billions of pounds that it spends on treating obese people for their diseases.

Having control on cholesterol, avoid excessive drinking and smoking are also included in the Yancy's seven steps. He affirmed, "By following these steps, we can compress life-threatening disease into the final stages of life and maintain quality of life for the longest possible time".

He would present his steps in the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, which would be held on Sunday. Yancy was of the view that he would ask the government to pick some stern measures against obesity. Main motive of these restrictions is lifestyle transformation, for which the government has to take lot of stern steps.

Some of the important steps being like putting a tax on saturated foods, cut on salt level in the food products available in the super market, levying a ban on smoking, and introducing `health topic' in schools.