Help Hidden In Alzheimer's Sufferers' Shoes

AlzheimerIn what may well turn out to be one of the most imperative progressions in the field of medical sciences of late, it has been revealed that shoes having an in-built GPS system, which are likely to prove effective in assisting people suffering from dementia who tend to wander before going lost, will be rolled out in the American market later this month.

The manufacturer of the promising in-built GPS shoe, GTX, revealed that the first consignment of nearly 3000 pairs has already been delivered to footwear company Aetrex all over the world, though the shipment has been made two years after the initial announcement of the plans related to the development of the ultra-effective product.

The shoes will be apparently tagged at around R2400 a pair, and it will enable users to initiate a monitoring facility to establish "wandering" people belonging to a particular group of age, which are majorly bothered by the perilous Alzheimer's disease.

In this regard, an advisor for the George Mason University's College of Health and Human Services, Andrew Carle claimed that the product is likely to safeguard several lives of people who are under the grip of Alzheimer’s disease.

Carle further revealed that it is eminently important for individuals in the preliminary phase of Alzheimer's, especially those who are severely bothered by the said ailment and are at elevated levels of threat.

He claimed that researchers have hinted that in excess of 5 million people in US have reportedly surrendered against the traumatizing disease, and in excess of 50% of people who went missing and were not discovered in less than 24 hours apparently suffered terminal dehydration, injury or even exposure.

In addition, various other gadgets, including pendants or identifying bracelets, offer identical fortification, though elder people generally have an inclination towards disregarding them.