Embryonic Stem Cell Cloning

Embryonic Stem Cell CloningStem cell research is really picking up these days, as it gives researchers a chance to develop totally new cells out of limited resources. Recently, embryonic stem cells have been developed by using this method coupled with human egg cells.

This embryonic cell development is the result of an effort in which researchers from three different organizations, the New York Stem Cell Foundation, the University of California at San Diego, and Columbia University in the US took part.

They were trying to devise a way by which specialized embryonic stem cells could be made, which carries only single DNA, in order to avert the rejection chances from the immune system.

The research that got funded by the University of California, the New York Stem Cell Foundation and by the Russell Berrie Foundation used a mature cell, from which they took out genetic material. Then researchers put that material in the donated egg cell.

It was noticed that the egg would only survive if its genetic material remains intact, and if it remains then it would lead to multiplication of cells, which would have three copies of each chromosome, which is not found in human cells.

If the further study results come out to be fruitful then it could act as a way of treatment for the problem. But it has to be kept in mind that these cells are not normal, irrespective of the fact that it has been taken from human genetic material.

The study got published in the 'journal Nature' in which it has been mentioned that researchers would not recommend it to use for treatment purpose unless they get all the answers of ethical questions, which could be raised by the experts. One such question could be that why a woman needs to pay for donating her eggs for cloning purpose.