Middle-Aged Men More Prone to Liver Disease and Cancer Due to 'Risky Drinking'

drinking-wineMaking an immensely shocking disclosure, a recently concluded research, dubbed From One to Many, has revealed that at least one out of every three middle-aged men are evidently toying with their life by escalating their odds of falling for various forms of perilous cancer and liver disorders.

The increased threat was majorly attributable to the fact that men, especially those going through the middle phase of their life, are excessively involved in 'risky drinking.'

A study in this regard, which has been made available today by think-tank 2020 health, discovered that as much as 31% of men over the age of 45 are regularly engaged in drinking the correspondent of over two pints of beer nearly five times weekly.

At the same time, since above the safe limits it is not exactly categorized as binge drinking but researchers have claimed that drinkers are not likely to comprehend the fact that it could invariably bother the general state of their health.

As far as women are considered, the study found that the majority of women, particularly those aged between 16 and 24 year, are most expected to encounter dangerous drinkers, with as much as 22% over-indulging.

The study further found that risky drinking is apparently higher among those having massive family income, though people belonging to professional category were also found heavily fancying the drinks.

The researchers concluded their reports by urging for an enhanced focus on meeting the issue of risky drinking, claiming that it can perhaps safeguard the NHS almost £124 million by employing effective interventions which are likely to cost around £15 per patient.

It also claimed that the observations peculiarly highlight a 10-minute consultation with a nurse, maybe doctor, in order to exchange thoughts regarding the risks looming over their health and along with that, they can try to find out effective measures to chop down the consumption of alcohol by nearly five units a week.