Need To Assure Safety of Patients in Psychiatric Ward

Need To Assure Safety of Patients in Psychiatric WardA leading mental health charity has highlighted that the mental patients coming to psychiatric ward are often subjected to humiliation and abuse by the mental health staff. The report has highlighted that changes are required to be made in the rules and regulation of the conduct of the mental hospitals staff so that patients could be saved from the harassment.

Grey, the co-founder of Inspire and Influence, has recommended that a mental ward should be turned into "retreat providing humane, respectful, personalised care in a comfortable environment". The findings of the report echo the comments of Dinesh Bughra, outgoing President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He pinpointed that if soon nothing is done to reduce the harassment cases in the mental ward then it could pose a serious threat to the safety of the patients.

It has come to light that many mental wards are detaining patients. In 2009, 40% of 107,765 people were detained by the hospital in England. However, in 2010, one third of 1,820 mental health inpatients were detained in Wales.

The charity Mind has also alleged that the elders are not properly cared at the hospitals. In many cases, they are left to recover on their own. It has come to light that the elder patients often have to deal with abuse in the hands of medical staff, mixed-sex wards and lack of security of personal belonging at the time of seeking treatment in the hospital.

However, there are some hospices which are providing adequate care to the elder patients with courtesy. Still, there is need to bring changes in the way elders and mentally ill patients are treated in the hospitals. It is hoped that the authorities concerned will take serious action after acknowledging the findings of the report.