Ireland Lowers Dental and Health Care Cost

Ireland Lowers Dental and Health Care CostAmid the global financial turmoil, cost of dental and health care has reduced significantly. It has been revealed by the Avantis Health Global Health and Dental Price index that health and dental charges in Ireland have dropped by 3% and 10% respectively, since spring.

Although there have been reports of fall in the cost of the treatment, patients can still save up to 50% of money by seeking treatment from abroad. However, there is a jump in the charges of elective surgeries. It has been revealed that the cost of laser eye has surged by 12%, arthroscopy by 7% and nose reconstruction surgery by 24%.

It has been informed that dental charges in some other countries are quite low. An Irish willing to save money can get his simple dental implant for just _300 per crown and save 75% of his money in Dublin. Similarly, a patient seeking knee replacement can save up to 9% of money by getting it done in Connaught from Leinster. Moreover, by availing the scheme of Avantis Health, a patient can save up to 30% of money by seeking treatment in Spain.

Besides, cosmetic surgeries cost is also 75% lower in Dublin. Although cuts have been imposed in the dental and health care of Ireland, it is still the most expensive country all over the world. The global crunch has severely affected the economy of the world.

The trauma which began in 2008 is still causing havoc in many countries. Greece, Spain and Italy have been severely affected with it. It is for the very first time when Ireland has lowered its dental and health care cost. Unless and until a solution isn't found to curb the global financial crisis, people's pockets will continue to be affected with the surging costs of elective surgeries and other products.