E. coli Death Probe Continues

E. coli Death Probe ContinuesIt has been revealed in a recent report that the cause for the little baby contracting the E. Coli virus might remain to be a mystery. Health officials are of the view that they might never find out how the child contracted the disease and died of it. There are investigations being conducted for the same to find out how the infant contracted the disease at the neo natal unit from Singleton Hospital.

There is need to determine the cause of death of the infant in order to find out whether the death was preventable and ensure that there are no such cases seen in the future. There has been the death of another child, from the possible infection to the disease.

What's more, there are 3 confirmed cases of the disease lined up. It is essential to find the root cause of the disease so that it can be nipped in the build before it becomes a scare to public health. There is need for determining what's caused her death, in order to make sure that the disease doesn't resurface and become a possible epidemic in the time to come.

"Our investigations into the cross infection of the two cases have not yet shown any evidence of how the bug was transmitted to the baby or the woman, as we haven't found any evidence of ESBL E. Coli within the environment", revealed a spokesperson from the Bro Morganwwg University Health Board.

It was also said that the hospital staff empathizes with the bereaved families of the infants who died of the disease. It is essential to find the root cause of the disease so that an impending epidemic can be prevented. She further revealed that the families of the patients were in contact with them and is being helpful in revealing information that is essential for them.